Sunday, 23 September 2012

SFR Soundsystem Sept 22nd 2012

This is my playlist for this week's show. Had a few technical issues (probably down to stupidity rather than actual technical stuff!) and also seemed to be suffering from advanced gob-shitedness last night. The saving grace was my co-presenter; young Danny Buster gave me a hand last night. I know I'm a biased Dad but it does make me immensely proud that he'd rather listen to scratchy old records with his Dad than watch the X-Factor or whatever other bilge is on the telly. I shan't be putting this show on Soundcloud as I didn't think it was very good, but you can stream it here: 

The other saving grace was that we had a fantastic brand new tune from Urang Matang, some great Spanish ska from Alademoska, the title track from BANG the Skillet's Do the Dishes album, a great track off the Specialized album, FOUR tracks from the great Rico Rodriguez and tons of classic ska, reggae & 2Tone that got me singing and bouncing and hopefully did the same for the listeners.
  1. Bad Manners - Sally Brown 
  2. Derrick Morgan - Blazing Fire 
  3. Madness - The Young and the Old 
  4. Urang Matang - Buddah Billy 
  5. Orange Street - Doesn't Make It Alright 
  6. Delano Stewart - Rocking Sensation 
  7. Little Roy - Rocking Chair 
  8. The Skatalites - Old Rocking Chair 
  9. The Moon Invaders - Rocking Chair 
  10. BANG the Skillet - Do The Dishes 
  11. 3 Minute Warning - Weekend Waster 
  12. Alademoska - Babylon 
  13. Jimmy James and the Vagabonds - Dan Is The Man 
  14. Jimmy Cliff - Let's Dance 
  15. The Selecter - Selling Out Your Future 
  16. The Beat - Doors of Your Heart 
  17. Madness - Death of a Rude Boy (Weatherall Remix) 
  18. Rico Rodriguez - Africa 
  19. Mudies All Stars - African Home 
  20. Augustus Pablo - Africa (1983) 
  21. Desmond Riley - Lead Them 
  22. The Charmers - Time After Time 
  23. Rico - Carolina 
  24. Rico Rodriguez & King Cliff - For Brother Rico from Cliff St Lewis 
  25. Rico Rodriguez with Jools Holland and his Rhythm & Blues Orchestra - What A Wonderful World
  26. Tommy McCook & the Supersonics - Soul Rock 
  27. Audrey - You'll Lose a Good Thing 
  28. Lloyd Charmers - In The Spirit 
  29. Dandy - Move Your Mule 
  30. Harmonians - Music Street
  31. Jeff Barnes - Sweet Like Candy
  32. Delroy Wilson - Sweetie Pie 
  33. The Maytals - Sweet and Dandy 
  34. Prince Buster - Ten Commandments

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