Wednesday, 11 January 2012

The Girobabies - Bus Stop Apocalypse

When I hear a pretentious wine poser sniffing their plonk & saying 'I'm getting oak, vanilla & hints of Gaviscon' I wonder if I'm missing something; all I could ever smell was wine. Besides, when was wine for analysing & not just for drinking? Sniffing the stuff & pontificating is missing the point, some things are just better being ingested & enjoyed. The Girobabies new album is one such thing. Sniffing wine, all I get is wine - listening to Bus Stop Apocalypse, all I get is The Girobabies. There may be hints of other bands in there but if you listen with the intention to analyse the influences & make comparisons you're missing the point.
This isn't an album to listen to when you're in love with the world & haven't a care. It probably isn't one for the car stereo, unless you feel your driving could do with a harder, more aggressive edge to it. This is music for the days when the lies & deceit of politicians have you mad as hell, when the garbage being spewed from your telly is making you wretch, when working for some faceless pricks with no souls has you reaching for the scotch, when the pretentious wine sniffers of this world makes you want to punch someone. 
It's not often you listen to an album first time & know exactly where it fits in with the rest of your music; this has gone straight in next to Joy Division & Killing Joke on the playlist reserved for those dark moods that need feeding & that I don't want to get lifted out of. It's fair to say this won't get played as often as some albums, but when I'm in the right mood for Bus Stop Apocalypse it'll be played loud and repeatedly. Recommended - have a listen for yourself.


  1. Viva thee Giro's, Mark McG a true poet of the people

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