Saturday, 3 November 2012

Call the Police!

We in Devon are going to get our very own Police Commissioner. How exciting! It seems this is a country-wide thing that our dear leaders deem to be in our best interests; although on past form I have my suspicions it wouldn't be happening unless there is a bung, a big-business favour or back-door privatisation hidden somewhere in the agenda. 

For what it's worth my vote is going to Nicky Williams. I emailed all of the candidates through the League Against Cruel Sports website and of only TWO replies Nicky's was the one that won my vote. Not only did she mention her opposition to the cruel, pointless and barbaric badger cull, she also didn't instruct me not to email again like one of the other candidates! Note to Mr Ivan Jordan, that is not, perhaps, the best way to win support! 

Never needing much excuse to pick out a few tunes on any given subject I offer these 5 Police-related tunes for your perusal:
  • Kicking off with a classic from one of the finest voices to grace reggae - or any other genre for that matter - Junior Murvin's timeless Police & Thieves.

  • I received the It's Gonna Get Dirty EP by Dirty Revolution from Do The Dog records this week (2 free CD's with a renewal of my subscription to the Do The Dog skazine - can't fault that!) This track is off that EP and pretty bloody good in my opinion it is too!

  • Next up is a tune from the criminally-overlooked Nutty Boys album from Crunch! - Chris and Lee from Madness. I've got a mate who still maintains that the album is called Crunch! and that the band is The Nutty Boys. But he's wrong. So there.

  • Riding on the success of Murvin's Police and Thieves, Lee Perry released a number of dub and DJ cuts on the same track and rhythm. This DJ version from Jah Lion is on the Arkology box set and an absolute belter:

  • Finishing this little selection in storming style is The Humanitarians with Call The Police. Sorry, that should "the award-winning Humanitarians", two nights ago the band deservedly picked up the Best EP award at the South West Music Awards. I reviewed this absolute belter a couple of posts ago and it's still getting played almost daily in the Badger House.


  1. Great blog as ever and what a knob Mr Ivan Jordan appears to be - certainly not worthy of a vote any which way you look at it.

    As for Crunch! - sorry but have to agree with your mate - the alb-b-b-bum was originally called Nutty Boys and released by a band called Crunch! - but then was reversed at a later double there :)

    Cracking choice of tunes - although have to mention The Clash's version of Police & Thieves as well, one of those rare examples of a cover that is as good as, if not better than, the original IMHO - really couldn't call between Junior Murvin's version and that of Mr Strummers crew in this instance, but thought it worthy of a mention.

    Good to see you blogging again anyway mate.

    1. Cheers Graham. Appreciate that, even if I was wrong. Damn! That's gonna screw with my OCD all day!!!

  2. Ah but there's the could argue that all was set right with your OCD when the decision was taken to call the album Crunch and the band "The Nutty Boys" at a later date!! :)