Sunday, 3 February 2013

Dispelling the ConFUSION

You may have seen me tweeting and re-tweeting recently about me having another crack at internet radio, this time with new station Fusion On Air. The main reason for me once again dipping my toes into the waters of DJism is simply that I've really missed the buzz of hearing a tune, wanting to share it and having the outlet to do so! Fusion are launching this evening (Sunday 3rd Feb) with three one-hour shows. My slot this week is the middle of the three at 8pm UK time but I'm not going to have a set showtime, or a set type of show. This week it's just a selection of reggae (and stuff) that has made me smile over the last week or two; future shows may follow that format or may have a theme of some sort. Next weekend I'll be presenting an hour of Women of Reggae, the only male voice you'll hear will be mine - and I keep that to an absolute minimum. Please pop along to have a listen live or stream the shows on mixlr. The ethos behind Fusion is simple "Just for the love of music, and the fun of it!"; no rampant egoism, no commercial pap, no superstar DJs - just decent music that we wanted to share. You can find Fusion on Twitter as @FusionOnAir. Here's some ConFUSION music to whet your appetite in the mean time!

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