Thursday, 9 May 2013

Tales from the Tip #1 - Swans Way - Theme from the Balcony

This post is the first in a (probably) occasional series posting odd bits of vinyl I've picked up either at our local charity shops or at the wonder-land that is Exeter Tip*. Within a short walk from my house are three charity shops which have yet to succumb to the 'Oxfam Syndrome' which I described/ranted about in a previous blog post. We are also blessed locally with the aforementioned Tip, a wonderful recycling centre which flogs all manner of oddities and rubbish for sensible (i.e. cheap) prices and which often receives boxes of unwanted vinyl. I usually take a stroll over to the charity shops or a drive to the Tip about once a week and have found some wonderful records for delightfully low prices over time. In celebration of these bargains I have decided to upload some of the best or strangest things I find on an occasional basis.

Having read the above back it does seem an incredibly long-winded way to say: "Look what I found today!"

To be honest today was a fairly lean day for vinyl at the Tip but I did find four 45's amongst the Jim Reeves, Ronco & K-Tel LPs. So for the grand total of a quid I got this and three other singles. I knew absolutely nothing about the band Swans Way and having since researched them online am not much the wiser. The single is in great condition with a nice picture sleeve and having given it a play I was inspired to stick it on YouTube and write this post. I'm not saying this will become an all-time favourite but the tune has, I think, a lot going for it and I consider my 25p money very well spent. If anyone has any info on the band please feel free to leave a comment.

* Exeter Tip isn't the official title - it is probably something like 'Exeter & District Public Recycling, Refuse Disposal and Reclamation Facility' but I honestly cannot be arsed to look it up.

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