Saturday, 7 April 2012

SFR Soundsystem 07042012

After starting last week's show with some sunshine music it's been bloody freezing here all week. I just hope kicking off this week's show with a track called Dirty Reggae hasn't jinxed anyone's love-life for the ensuing week. Stand-out track for me this week is the storming Call the Police - sent to me by Rich Mills (formerly of The Simmertones - check out Rich's blog here) - by Devon band The Humanitarians. Rich tells me the track hasn't been mastered yet; I have no idea what that actually means so I just nod sagely & try to look wise, sounds bloody good to me though! Seems they're playing in Exeter on April 20th, might have to get along to that - watch this space.

This week's 3-in-a-row artist was Jimmy Cliff. With such an awesome back catalogue to choose from I thought long & hard before choosing an old fave, a newer track off the Sacred Fire EP & a wonderful performance on Later accompanied by Jools Holland.

Among the other newer ska I played this week, The Bakesys, Cartoon Violence, Robb Blake & the brilliant Drewvis all have cd's available on Do The Dog records; all well worth looking up if you don't know them already. The Amnesiacs album Forget to Remember is available as a free download on Soundcloud. Finally, underlining my oft-stated opinion that Scotland is THE place for new ska at the moment, I played 2tracks from Bombskare & one each from The Begbies & The Cundeez - every one an absolute belter. Perhaps my enthusiasm for Scottish ska is catching on; I heard Bombskare played on Exeter's indie station Phonic FM on Wednesday night and I swear I didn't request it!

Apologies if anyone was offended by my telling of the Easter Story in Reggae. Actually, scratch that - it was a joke, lighten up! If I ever seem to be taking this a bit too seriously, please do me a favour and give me a virtual slap in the face; it's a hobby, just like bus-spotting - but without the acres of man-made fibres, post-pubescent acne & hard-core Dutch porn hidden in the rucksack (honest, they're all total pervs).
  1. The Aggrolites - Dirty Reggae
  2. Desmond Dekker - Beautiful & Dangerous
  3. Errol Dunkley - You're Gonna Need Me
  4. The Jamaicans - Ba Ba Boom
  5. Bombskare - Honeymoon Without The Wedding
  6. Drewvis - Drunken Words 'n' Dub
  7. Robb Blake - Ain't Got No Soul
  8. Junior Murvin - Judas & Jesus
  9. Ruben & the Diatones - Crucified
  10. Roland Alphonso - Musical Resurrection
  11. The Riffs - One Egg
  12. Crunch! - Fur Elise
  13. The Tennors - Weather Report
  14. The Skatalites - Malcolm X
  15. The Humanitarians - Call the Police
  16. The Bakesys - Looking for Love
  17. The Amnesiacs - Going Out
  18. Cartoon Violence - Teresa
  19. King Tubby - Ali Baba Dub
  20. Augustos Pablo - Keep on Dubbing
  21. Lee Perry - Fist of Fury
  22. King Stitt - Jump For Joy
  23. Dave Barker, Charlie Ace & the Upsetters - Shocks 71
  24. Jimmy Cliff - Hard Road To Travel
  25. Jimmy Cliff - Brixton Version
  26. Jimmy Cliff - Many Rivers To Cross
  27. Madness - Sign of the Times
  28. Bad Manners - Only Funkin'
  29. The Beat - March of the Swivelheads
  30. The Reggae Boys - Mama Look Deh
  31. Tommy McCook - Black Coffee
  32. The Gladiators - Sweet Soul Music
  33. Bombskare - Wake & Bake
  34. The Begbies - Loves to Pretend
  35. The Cundeez - One Step Beyond
  36. Prince Buster - Wash Your Troubles Away
  37. Jackie Mittoo - Mission Impossible
  38. Randy's All Stars - Mission Impossible

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