Saturday, 16 June 2012

Madness strip!

Does anyone remember this strip in Look In comic in the early 80's? Just found this in a book I picked up at a school fete. Other 'highlights' include two Haircut 100 comic strips, a Bucks Fizz picture story and one detailing the early life of Wee Jimmie Krankie. There's a pin-up of Debbie Harry (a bit fuzzy but she's gorgeous in or out of focus!) All in all a nice little trip down memory lane for the grand total of 30p. Not that I was a reader of Look In - I was way too cool for that in 1981, honest!

Look In comic 10th October 1981. Art: Harry North. Story: Angus P. Allan
Taken from Look In - Best of the 80's - Prion Books

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  1. Nice find Rich, vaguely recall them appearing in Look-In back in the day, and of course their own MIS fan club mag had them in a comic strip too