Saturday, 9 June 2012

Normal(ish) service is resumed...

I've had a few weeks away from presenting my SFR show and posting my random ramblings on here. I don't think it's any big secret that I suffer from periodic bouts of severe depression and I've just endured one of the more severe bouts I've had for a year or two. I seem to be over the worst of it now thankfully and tonight I ventured back on to the virtual airwaves. The playlist is below; no particular theme or anything worthy of special mention - just what I consider to be tunes worth sharing. I'd like to say a huge than you to the folks at SFR for taking my unplanned absence in their stride and being so encouraging & supportive. A big thanks to other friends and listeners too for their concern, support & help. OK, enough of the mushy Oscar-winner's-speech cack - here's the playlist:
  1. King Hammond - Return of the Kung Fu Skinhead
  2. Symarip - Back from the Moon
  3. The Deltones - Back a Yard
  4. King Stitt - Lick it Back
  5. Shoot the Moon - Get in the Van
  6. Hepcat - Penny Reel
  7. Bombskare - World Turned Upside Down
  8. The Crashers - Hurry Come Up
  9. Marcia Griffiths - Don't Let Me Down
  10. Boris Gardiner - Elizabethan Reggae
  11. Madness - In the Hall of the Mountain King
  12. Bad Manners - Night Bus to Dalston
  13. The Specials - Do Nothing (live at Glastonbury 2009)
  14. Jackie Mitto - Ghetto Organ
  15. Ernest Ranglin - Summertime
  16. BamBooligans - Following the Sun
  17. Drewvis - These Three Words
  18. 10 Ft. Ganja Plant - One Inch Punch
  19. Eric Donaldson - Cherry Oh Baby
  20. Pama International - To Have & Have Not (feat. Billy Bragg)
  21. Roland Alphonso & the Skatalites - VC10 (Shake a Lady)
  22. Lloyd Brevett & the Skatalites - Fugitive
  23. The Skatalites & King Tubby - Give Thanks
  24. I-Roy - Straight to Prince Jazzbo Head
  25. Prince Jazzbo - Straight to I-Roy Head
  26. The Upsetters - Dub Organizer
  27. Bob Marley & the Wailers - Concrete Jungle
  28. Tommy McCook & Bobby Ellis - Green Mango
  29. Dave Barker & the Upsetters - Sound Underground
  30. The Maytals - Johnny Cool Man
  31. Jimmy Cliff - King of Kings
  32. Lord Creator - Wreck a Pum Pum
  33. The Pioneers - Jackpot
  34. Derrick Morgan - Rough Rider
  35. Georgie Fame & the Blue Flames - Black Head Chineman
  36. Prince Buster - Time Longer than Rope


  1. Mate, I didn't know for sure (although suspected as much) but am glad you're getting back to normal (or as normal as can be), and long may that continue :)

  2. Cheers Graham, much appreciated mate.