Monday, 7 November 2011

God Save The Queen...

...but the rest of this list don't deserve saving:

  • Al Megrahi
  • Kim Jong Il
  • Mad Gadaffi
  • Simon Cowell
  • Sepp Blatter
  • David Cameron
  • Maggie Thatcher
Quite an eclectic list and not perhaps one you'd expect to find on a music blog. There is a link between them all, however, courtesy of Dundee's finest The Cundeez. 
I was sent a link on Twitter a while ago to the You Tube video of The Cundeez covering One Step Beyond, complete with bagpipes & more energy than you'd find in 12 months of the sodding X-factor. Which brings us nicely to the list above. All of the above are name-checked in Yir Talkin Shite off The Cundeez' soon-to-be-released album Lend Wiz Yir Lugs (which I am reliably informed means Lend Us Your Ears).
Leaving Her Majesty aside (I am English after all), this is a list of tyrants, liars, cheats, murderers & thieves. Only one of them is all of these things though.
Whether or not Al Megrahi blew up that flight, he was a member of Gadaffi's Secret Service so undoubtedly not the type of bloke you'd invite to a barbecue. Kim Jong is clearly demented and dangerous. Gadaffi took being a mad dictator to new levels during his happily-now-finished lifetime. Sepp Blatter took the beautiful game & corrupted it to serve the interests & bank balances of him & his cronies. Cameron's government has frozen my wages & is having a pop at my pension - so he's clearly a complete cock. Thatcher destroyed British industry in her all-out war on the working man, reserving particular venom for those north of Watford.
Which brings us to Cowell. Is it fair to describe him in the same company as the above? Yes.
That odious man has come to dominate the TV & music industry in this country. He has fed a gullible, tabloid-obsessed population a diet of 'celebrities' who he creates and equally rapidly discards. He has stolen the dreams of desperate wannabes & taken their dignity. And he is destroying real music in a manner every bit as calculated and aggressive as Thatcher's assault on the working classes. The man is beneath contempt but cannot be dismissed. He wields real power and unless people see him for the slime he is the future of our music and entertainment industries is very bleak indeed.
Rant over (for now), here's some REAL music:


  1. You missed out Robert Mugabi, but other than that, couldn't agree more!

  2. It just struck me that since Yer Talkin' Shite was unleashed at least 2 of the shite-haverers (Gadaffi & that Korean loony) have died.
    I think it is now time to start an internet rumour about the Curse of the Cundeez. We can all hope that a few more of those mentioned in the song join the list.

  3. Please let it be Thatcher or Cowell next! Maybe both together; smeared in meat paste & locked in a car with 50 starving badgers, that'd do it.