Sunday, 6 November 2011

Ooh I think we're going.

So, here goes. Rich joins the blogosphere. What a bloody awful word. Like 'trending'. That's bloody awful too.
Sorry, off at a tangent there.
So, why a blog? Answers on a postcard coz I'm f***ed if I know!
I discovered Twitter a few months ago, somewhat later than the rest of the world but I got there. Through Twitter I found a guy in Holland doing a Skinhead radio show. Internet radio of course but that goes without saying; let's face it, it's been many a long year since mainstream radio had anything as specialised and unfashionable as that.
Another tangent Rich, get to the point. Mainstream radio could well be a future blog post/rant.
Anyway, through this awesome Dutch guy and his radio show I got to listening to more and more internet radio, chatting in the chat-boxes, posting tweets about music, blipping tunes on, etc. Suddenly the world was full of people with similar musical taste to me, nice people, funny people, clever people, people who didn't fit any particular stereotype but who clicked with me in one way or another. So I got to know some of these folks (not personally, the interweb doesn't work like that) and before I knew it I rather foolishly offered to sit in one Sunday night & present a radio show.
Cutting a long story short (I'm getting bored & am pretty sure you are too if you've read this far), I now present a weekly show & spend hours that I used to waste in front of the TV or on Facebook looking for music, listening to music, talking about music, sharing music, tweeting about music.
Hence the blog: I'm opinionated & love my music. So much so that I can't fit what I want to say into 140 characters, so this will be where I place the thoughts, opinions, etc that are too long (and, yes, possibly too boring) to fit on Twitter.
Watch this space as they say. Whoever 'they' are.
So here's a link to my efforts on the radio: the SFR Facebook page: and some radio-related vid's.

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  1. and long may the blog and radio show continue.
    a link to your show might help though!