Friday, 6 January 2012

Dickie Pride, The Sheik of Shake

Just a short post with a clip of Dickie Pride performing Slippin' n Slidin' on Oh Boy! from 1959. Not the type of music I usually blog about but what a performer! He crams a hell of a lot into this minute & a half version of one of his few hits. Dickie Pride's story is a heart-breaking & sobering tale of talent unfulfilled and a life cut tragically short. He was part of Larry Parnes' stable of rock 'n' rollers and an early example of the music industry chewing up and spitting out a sensitive soul whose talent outmatched his ability to endure. There is a very good blog post on the Black Cat Rockabilly site which I'd recommend but I'll just leave this post here with this wonderful clip:


  1. My mum's got this on a single...I think...I'd better check when I'm oop north next....silly moo might chuck it out...

  2. I really ought to pick up a copy, eBay beckons I think!