Saturday, 10 March 2012

SFR Soundsystem 10032012

I did two things tonight I swore I'd never do on my show. Firstly I over-ran because I rambled on too much. Secondly I played a Judge Dread tune, albeit one without him singing on it. As well as the usual mixture of old and new ska, reggae & dub I also had three brand-spanking-new tracks that I was sent this week. Huge thanks to The Nomarks, Pikey Beatz & The Riviera Rockers for sending me their latest tracks. Quite apart from feeling honoured, I'm chuffed to bits because they are all absolutely cracking tunes. I've had a couple of days off work with man-flu this week and to cheer myself up the vinyl came out and I played quite a few tracks that I'd recorded off singles & albums - apologies for the crackle, my vinyl varies from pristine to ploughed-field and all points in between. So here's the list, please take time to check out the stuff that's new to you, Cheers.
  1. The Bluebeat Stompers - I Need Your Loving
  2. The Nomarks - Hai Karate
  3. Dave & Ansel Collins - Karate
  4. The Upsetters - Exit The Dragon
  5. Magic Lord & the Mighty Drakkars - 5 Commandments
  6. Maralians - Rickshaw
  7. Ska Cubano - Natty Bo Dead (Sammy No Dead)
  8. The Hoovers - The Day They Made Him King
  9. Bigger Thomas - I Can't Remember My name
  10. The Skatalites - Tough Talk
  11. Alton Ellis - Cry Tough
  12. Stranger Cole - Rough & Tough
  13. The Selecter - Bristol & Miami
  14. The Specials - Man at C&A
  15. The Beat - Dream Home in New Zealand
  16. Madness - Not Home Today
  17. Bad Manners - Suicide
  18. The Riviera Rockers - Dancehall Steppa (The Operator)
  19. The Skints - On A Mission
  20. Judge Dread Sound - Dread
  21. Desmond Dekker - Sugar Dumplings
  22. Max Romeo - She's But A Little Girl
  23. Pikey Beatz - Reggae Protagonist
  24. Orange Street - Rough
  25. The Amphetameanies - Speed Fever
  26. Pat Kelly - A Thousand Years
  27. Prince Buster - African Rock
  28. Ernest Ranglin - Below The Bassline
  29. Joe White - Seven Heaven Rock
  30. The Brass Action - Kiss My Brass
  31. Save Ferris - The World Is New
  32. GG All Stars - Barbarus
  33. Jo Jo Bennett - Musical Pressure
  34. Roland Alphonso - Jerk Pork
  35. Boris Gardner - Don Juan
  36. The Hippy Boys - Dreams To Remember
  37. Dave Barker - Hot Sauce

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