Sunday, 18 March 2012

SFR Soundsystem 17032012

Bit of a shorter show than usual this week, partly because the preceding show previewing Paul Weller's new album finished just after 8pm but mostly because I pressed the wrong button to start broadcasting and merrily played music just to myself for a few minutes! I also got my adding-up wrong and finished early too. Not to worry, there was still time for 33 tunes and some of them are real belters. Had more new tunes from The Nomarks & Pikey Beatz plus a cracking track from Swiss band Alaska. Big thanks to Urang Matang for sending me Teddy Cut A Dash too, another corking track.

I fancy doing another 'theme' show next week or the week after but am bereft of inspiration - any ideas or suggestions would be gratefully received! 
  1. Winston Jarrett - Mini Dress
  2. Bongo Man Byfield - Bongo Man
  3. Madness - You Keep Me Hanging On
  4. Sonic Boom Six - Scatterbrain
  5. The Nomarks - Saturday Night
  6. Bad Manners - Lorraine (live)
  7. Easy Star All Stars - Us And Them
  8. Pikey Beatz - D Minor
  9. Urang Matang - Teddy Cut A Dash
  10. The Upsessions - Lucille
  11. Rico - Gunga Din
  12. Prince Buster - Freezing Up Orange Street
  13. Dave Barker & the Wailers - Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying
  14. Alaska - Kissed By The Wind
  15. Razika - Nytt Pa Nytt
  16. Too Hot - The Two Of Us
  17. Don Drummond - Roll On Sweet Don
  18. The West Indians - Oh Lord
  19. Danny Ray - Can't Get Used To Losing You
  20. The Skints - Ring Ring
  21. The Dualers - Kiss On The Lips
  22. The Pietasters - G to F
  23. Joe's All Stars - Tony B's Theme
  24. The Cimarons - Grandfather Clock
  25. Nora Dean - Mama
  26. Rico - Man From Wareika Dub
  27. The Skatalites & King Tubby - Dub of Love
  28. Aston Barrett - Ten Thousand Tons of Dollar Bills
  29. The Caroloregians - Pum Pum Hotel
  30. Moon Invaders - Walk Don't Run
  31. Prince Fatty & the Mutant Hifi - Up The Creek
  32. The Upsetters - Dollar in the Teeth
  33. Bombskare - Fistful of Dynamite

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