Saturday, 11 February 2012

SFR Soundsystem 11022012

The usual mixed bag of old & new ska, classic & skinhead reggae plus a smattering of dub again this week. It would have been Bob Marley's 67th birthday this week and I played Concrete Jungle off the Catch A Fire album, but not the more familiar album version. This is the original mix and how the track sounded before being remixed by Island to make it more palatable to English listeners. The 2001 Deluxe cd issue has both the original Jamaican mixes and the album as it was eventually released. To me the original versions are much better, without the strings and extra instrumentation and with the original bass in all it's glory before being watered down by Island's studio bods. Island also dropped the wonderful High Tide or Low Tide for the album release, possibly making it the most beautiful song never to make it on to the album it was intended for. So here's High Tide or Low Tide for you to listen to while you peruse this week's playlist:

  1. The Pioneers - Reggae Fever
  2. Bob Marley & the Wailers - Concrete Jungle
  3. Rita Marley - Pied Piper
  4. Jimmy Cliff - Hard Road To Travel
  5. Madness - Johnny the Horse
  6. The Downsetters - Interskalactic
  7. Ernest Ranglin - Dr No-Go
  8. Smerins Anti-Social Club - Dr Who
  9. The Scofflaws - Man with the Golden Arm
  10. Prince Buster - My Girl
  11. Chainska Brassica - Wasting My Time
  12. The Pietasters - Sketch Dub
  13. The Ethiopians - Fire A Mus Mus Tail
  14. Phyllis Dillon - A Thing of the Past
  15. Alton Ellis & the Flames - The Preacher
  16. U Roy - Tom Drunk
  17. The Selecter - Big in the Body, Small in the Mind
  18. Smoke Like a Fish - Poison
  19. King Tubby - King at the Controls
  20. Lee Perry - Panic in Babylon
  21. Orange Street - Get Away
  22. The Mighty Offbeats - Beer Belly
  23. Mark Foggo's Skasters - Car on a Train
  24. The Planet Smashers - Hippopotamus
  25. Bad Manners - Gonna Get Along Without You Now
  26. Amiel Moodie & the Dandamites - Ratchet Knife
  27. Sir Lord Comic - Ska-ing West
  28. Prince Francis - Street Doctor
  29. The Dynamites - What Does It Take?
  30. Karl Bryan - Overproof (AKA Little Darlin')
  31. The Visions - Captain Hook
  32. Tommy McCook & the Supersonics - Liquidator
  33. Laurel Aitken - Crazy Feeling
  34. Desmond Dekker - Live & Learn (The More You Live)
  35. The Beat - Ranking Full Stop (live)

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