Saturday, 18 February 2012

SFR Soundsystem 18022012

I had the great pleasure of following my son Danny onto the 'airwaves' tonight. My playlist duplicates his a little - we both played Bombskare, The Specials, The Maytals & Prince Buster. I like to think this shows we both have incredibly good taste rather than a lack of imagination! 

I couldn't resist playing the version of Double Barrel from TOTP introduced by Tony Blackburn that I referred to in an earlier post this week; likewise the following 2 songs from Nicky Thomas & Freddie Notes were in a similar vein. I also referred to Drewvis in a blog post this week & played him tonight just to remind everyone how brilliant his stuff is! 

Bang the Skillet favourite Life Is Good always goes down a storm on my show. They are touring the UK later this year & are looking for gigs to fill the schedule - if you know anyone who wants a brilliant ska band to play their venue, please point them in the direction of Plus, if you fancy helping a great ska band get their album out there, visit:

Last, but perhaps most importantly, I got the opportunity to play my first track off the Specialized charity album: Urang Matang's brilliant interpretation of The Specials' Why. Please get behind this project with your tweets, posts & most importantly your wallets! It's going to be an awesome album & is for a very, very worthy cause. Full details at: - the line up is stellar & the clips & tunes I've heard so far have been absolutely brilliant.

Right, enough waffle; here's the playlist:
  1. Bombskare - Panic Button (live)
  2. Derrick Morgan - Forward March
  3. The Scrucialists - Forward Riddim
  4. The Skamonics - Tainted Love
  5. Second Time Lucky - Drink, Sleep, Repeat
  6. Drewvis - Therapy
  7. Dave & Ansel Collins - Double Barrel
  8. Nicky Thomas - BBC
  9. Freddie Notes & the Rudies - Rudexious
  10. ChainSka Brassica - All Day Long
  11. Too Spicy - Wasted Brains
  12. Popes of Chillitown - Dalking Man
  13. Madness - Drip Fed Fred
  14. The Beat - Whine & Grine / Stand Down Margaret
  15. The Specials - Pearl's Cafe
  16. Urang Matang - Why?
  17. BANG The Skillet - Life Is Good
  18. The Aggrolites - Life Is Good
  19. Easy Star All-Stars - Great Dub In The Sky
  20. Prince Jammy - Shaolin Temple
  21. The Soulsteppers - Death Comes
  22. The Moon Invaders - Don't Touch The Dog
  23. The Bullets - Explosion
  24. The Simmertones - Over The River
  25. Chris Murray - All-Nite Dinah
  26. The Skints - Bright Girl
  27. ARTS - Poker Face
  28. The Upsetters - Kaya Skank
  29. Dave Barker & the Upsetters - Do Your Thing
  30. The Skatalites - Nimrod
  31. Ernest Ranglin - Liquidation
  32. Prince Buster - Hard Man Fe Dead
  33. Toots & the Maytals - Louie Louie

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