Saturday, 25 February 2012

SFR Soundsystem 25022012

So, here's the playlist for tonight's show. Typing this up and listening back at the same time - to see where I went wrong! Didn't feel like one of my better shows for some reason. Spilling coffee everywhere half way through probably didn't help to be fair! 

Played two tracks by ska bands from Indonesia; both good tunes but I have absolutely no idea what they were singing about. Not that that really matters, after all, how many opera fans speak fluent Italian (or whatever language operas are in) and actually understand what they're warbling about? Hoping to collaborate with another SFR DJ on a one-off pre-recorded World Music show at some point - not on a Saturday night though - watch this space as those with very little imagination say. 

More Rocksteady than usual in this week's show, possibly reflecting a busy week & me choosing more laid-back music to listen to in the evenings. Also played more cracking tunes from the Do The Dog label; pay-day soon - feel a little shopping spree coming on (sale now on). Enough waffle - here's the playlist:
  1. Jimmy Cliff - Ska All Over The World
  2. Madness - The Young & The Old
  3. Too Many Crooks - Headline
  4. Souljah - Sudah Sudahlah
  5. The Authentics - Untukma
  6. Prince Jazzbo - Crab Walking
  7. The Upsetters - Croaking Lizard
  8. Max Romeo - One Step Forward
  9. Arthur Kay & the Originals - Warska
  10. Pama International - Burn Down My House
  11. No Doubt - Everything's Gone Wrong
  12. The Dead 60's - Riot Radio
  13. Stacked Like Pancakes - Mr Sane
  14. The Beat - I Confess
  15. ETTIN - Try To Pretend
  16. The NoMarks - Apathetically Yours
  17. The Viceroys - Sometimes
  18. Nicky Thomas - Lay Lady Lay
  19. Bob Marley & the Wailers - Corner Stone
  20. Niney the Observer - Blood & Fire
  21. The Ethiopians - The Whip
  22. The Pyramids - Prisoner Of Alcatraz
  23. The Mighty Offbeats - Don't Judge Me
  24. Jeramiah Ferrari - Fatty Man
  25. The Selecter - Jackpot
  26. Prince Jammy - Fist Of Fury
  27. Flight 404 - Stop That Train
  28. The Silvertones - Sweet And Loving Baby
  29. The Maytals - Pomps & Pride
  30. Jim Brown - See Him Deh
  31. The Caroloregians - Hootchie Corner
  32. Laurel Aitken - The Ska Is The Limit
  33. Baba Brooks - Girl's Town Ska
  34. Prince Buster - Train To Girl's Town
  35. Mark Foggo's Skasters - One
  36. 3 Minute Warning - Weekend Waster

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